The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sala, a modern school operating system, on “Going-Digital for Education” with the support of eighteen public and private universities.

The signing took place at the ministry’s headquarters on November 2, with Sok Tha, director of the ministry’s Information Technology Department, and Sok Leap, CEO and founder of Sala, signing the document.

Sala began with the vision of enriching each student’s educational journey and have built a place where students can discover their study opportunities, said Leap.

“We are convinced that access to information, advice, and support can help young people make better-informed decisions and be more successful,” he added.

The modern school operating system – which runs though the Sala website and an App – was envisioned as a truly inclusive youth platform that provides equal opportunities to access high-quality education and learn skills that will make students them successful in the labour market, he explained.

“This collaboration between the education ministry and Sala will help 50,000 high school graduates a year to make informed decisions before choosing their university degrees,” Leap told The Post.

Sok Tha said the MoU was important, as it would help students plot their career paths.

“Through this collaboration, school management systems will be more efficient. It provides information on educational institutions as well as study options for students,” said Tha.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to join forces with the ministry and our university partners. We are hugely fortunate to get to work on something that reflects and develops our mission to better the lives of Cambodian students,” said Leap.