The Ministry of Health has launched the first-ever health technology solution in the Kingdom. Called the Smart Hospital e-Health Yoeung programme, it has been launched in the capital’s Preah Ang Duong Hospital.

The ministry said it will provide convenience for patients and doctors to manage medical records and make appointments automatically through mobile phones.

Health Minister Mam Bun Heng said on Monday that the Preah Ang Duong Hospital was the first public hospital to launch the new technology programme following successful trials.

“This programme can manage all patient data. As long as they go to a hospital, all data will be recorded, including medicine, equipment and usage,” Bun Heng said.

Bun Heng said the government has an ambitious vision to install the digital hospital management system in all public hospitals across the Kingdom.

He encouraged all Cambodian hospitals to understand and improve their technology by building hospital infrastructure and knowledge.

First Womentech Asia (FWTA) co-founder and CEO of the digital hospital Peth Yoeung programme, Pong Limsan, said patients can use the technology via the e-Health Yoeung digital card with a 16-digit code and a QR code that represents one patient.

She said patients with this card will receive their medical records from the hospitals that they visit once they register their card at the hospital.

All of their treatment reports will automatically appear on their mobile phone.

“Both the card and the e-Health Yoeung app have important functions that have many benefits for patients and doctors. The mobile app features many functions such as managing medical records, making appointments, and receiving automatic notifications about appointments,” she said.

She said the app also allows patients to manage their personal profile, read daily healthcare tips and receive useful news from the Ministry of Health and other related institutions in the health sector.

Preah Ang Duong Hospital director Lou Ly Kheang said when patients go to the hospital now, they have to carry medical history documents which sometimes get lost and they spend more time waiting to receive treatment.

“It is a success that Preah Ang Duong Hospital has decided to install the e-Health Yoeung smart hospital solution and smart health card.

“Even though we are a public hospital, we are trying to grow ourselves and the technology is at a stage that we have to do it.

“Patients must know they are sick and must come to the hospital. This does not mean we are forcing them to seek treatment, but they have to be aware they could be ill. Even if they forget, they must understand a reminder is on their mobile phone,” Ly Kheang said.

A joint press release put out by Peth Yoeung and First Womentech Asia said work began on the digital programme in 2013 and was rigorously tested before the official launch.

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