The Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s General Department of Land Transport in cooperation with eight financial institutions will facilitate vehicle inspection application process scheduled to begin later this year.

The decision was made during a virtual meeting on the procedure for applying for vehicle inspection at banking and financial institutions on May 25 with the participation of officials from relevant departments throughout the country.

Land transport director-general Chhoun Von, who chaired the meeting, told The Post on May 26 that this was a new procedure for applying for an inspection to provide more convenience for vehicle owners.

"This will offer more options at banks and financial institutions that have partnered with the ministry. Through this procedure, a vehicle owner can ask those financial institutions to help fill out the application.

“Owners can now fill out the application and pay at the bank or financial institution. When they arrive at the inspection centre, they just show the receipt and proceed with the check," he said.

Von said banks and finance institutions that have partnered with the ministry include Vattanac, ACLEDA, ABA, Sathapana, Cambodian Public Bank, Wing, Ly Hour and Pi Pay. All are set to officially run this operation at the end of this year.

The ministry reopened its mobile vehicle inspection service earlier this month, calling on vehicle owners with an expired inspection to have their vehicles checked from May 10 onwards.

Von said when the service resumed after a suspension due to Covid-19, many people had their vehicles inspected.

“Before the lockdown, around 1,000 vehicles or more came to get inspected every day, and this number is returning,” he said.