Minister of Public Works and Transport Sun Chanthol announced that his ministry will launch a live stream broadcast on Facebook called the “MPWT Live Show” and the topic of the presentation will be “Road Infrastructure Achievements: 2018-2021 and Planning 2021-2023”.

The ministry said this will enable people to ask Chanthol questions related to this topic during the broadcast. The MPWT Live Show will be accessible via the ministry’s Facebook page on August 30.

Chanthol will be the guest speaker and viewers can ask him questions through comments. Ministry staff will select the best or most commonly asked questions for him to answer.

Ministry spokesman Pal Chandara told The Post on August 26 that the programme’s aim is to provide opportunities for people to get their questions answered in order to help improve the ministry’s provision of services to the public and increase their overall responsiveness and transparency.

“Regarding the [live show], people may just want to know general information like what public works are and we can explain our role to viewers. This is the first time the ministry has organised such a programme but the plan is to continue doing them in the future,” he said.

According to the 2021 annual schedule, the ministry plans to do at least five episodes of the MPWT Live Show. Future topics planned for the show include personalised licence plates, road traffic safety, road engineering and construction work and the land transportation or trucking sector.

Kong Sovann, a road safety expert and technical adviser at the Ministry of Rural Development, said the launch of such a programme was a good step towards increasing government accountability and would help the ministry get a better understanding of the public’s concerns.

“For the leadership from 2018 to the present, we must recognise the achievements of the ministry, including installation of new technologies, strengthening legal standards and the implementation of procedures that make it easier to get a driver’s licence,” he said.’