The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training set its goals for this year and announced its accomplishments from 2021, saying it has achieved successes in improving working conditions across the Kingdom, conducted widespread training and created jobs in both the formal and informal sectors.

According to the results of the review and planning meeting held on February 25, the ministry said it will continue implement strategies which are in line with its five-year labour and vocational training strategic development plan 2019-2023.

“Some of the areas we want to focus on this year include labour inspection through our information technology system and establishing an inter-ministerial inspection group, which will encourage a culture of consistency,” it said.

The ministry said it will also strengthen the mechanisms used to solve work disputes to better respond to the need of all parties in the dispute. The Arbitration Council will launch a pilot personal dispute resolution programme, and the ministry intended to improve standards of exercise-of-freedom regulations for NGOs, to bring them into line with any international conventions Cambodia has ratified.

The ministry’s General Secretariat for the Resolution of Strikes and Demonstrations will continue to enforce the government’s orders and the five-year plan on strikes and demonstrations 2020-2024 to ensure peace, political stability, and harmonious profession communication, it added.

The ministry said it will continue to improve working conditions in factories, which will lead to increased productivity and a positive attitude among workers. Factories which complied and those which accepted their social responsibilities would be issued certificates of acknowledgement, it added.

“We will also strengthen the National Council for Minimum Wage to ensure minimum wage negotiations will be acceptable to all parties. We also intend to conduct a study of the expansion of the minimum wage,” it said.

The ministry will continue to supply labour forces to factories and other enterprises that are in need of employees through the promotion of the National Employment Agency and private recruitment agencies, and will provide recruitment services for local and international jobs as well.

Minister Ith Samheng praised officials for their successes throughout the past year.

“All of these achievements would not have been possible without the participation of all of us, and our cooperation with other ministries and institutions,” he said.

He also thanked members of the private sector, development partners, domestic and international NGOs, factory associations and unions for their participation.