More than 10 million people in Cambodia had received third Covid-19 vaccinations as the Ministry of Health reiterates its call for the public to get more booster doses despite low rates of infection.

According to the ministry, Cambodia had vaccinated 94.81 per cent of the estimated population of 16 million as of August 31.

The more than 10 million people who have received their third doses included over five million women, it noted. More than five million people have received their fourth shot with nearly 650,000 getting a fifth.

Ministry secretary of state York Sambath said the majority of people in Cambodia had been vaccinated against Covid-19, with a sixth pending approval by the national Covid-19 vaccination committee and the premier.

“People who receive booster shots are less likely to become ill. If they do get infected, they have less severe symptoms.

"As for the unvaccinated, we are encouraging them to do so and collaborating with local authorities so that every citizen can get vaccinated, and especially receive booster shots,” Sambath said.

Or Vandine, head of the national Covid-19 vaccination committee, said last month that the coronavirus is still circulating in Cambodia, while nations in the region and across the world are also experiencing infections and deaths.

“So please do not neglect the issue and continue to practise preventive measures and get a booster shot when it is your turn. It will help against the severity of the disease,” Vandine said.

She said she wanted people to live as long as possible and take care of their families while enjoying happiness and good health.

“It depends on the right decisions of individuals and members of their family by getting booster shots and practising the 'three dos and three don’ts'. Your health is in your hands,” Vandine said.