The Ministry of Public Works and Transport would resume technical inspection services from May 10 for vehicles to ensure they are in line with Covid-19 preventive health rules.

In a notice dated May 7, the ministry said all vehicle owners could have their vehicles inspected at the nearest inspection centre.

Ministry spokesman Pal Chandara told The Post on May 9 that nationwide vehicle inspection centres were already set up in line with the preventative health rules. Owners must have their vehicles checked to avoid any future fines or administrative measures.

“It is time for us to check our vehicles, so we do not prioritise any group of vehicles. If people rush to have their vehicle inspected, we have organised social and physical distancing measures. We also use online appointments, so the public can set a time for a check without a long wait,” he said.

Kong Sovann, a public health specialist and director of International Safety Fund Programme, told The Post that for the time being, it would be better if the ministry set priority vehicles for the inspection.

He said priority ones should be trucks and vans as these kinds of vehicles more frequently use the roads. If priority groups are set, owners do not have to rush for the service, and they can avoid Covid-19 transmission risks.

“No matter where we are, especially crowded places, we all need to maintain social distancing and wear masks. Service providers and receivers must practise this. We must take temperatures, spray ourselves with sanitisers or gel and wash our hands frequently,” he said.

“Social distancing must also be observed at entrances and exits. Otherwise, a large gathering will enable infection and transmit this dangerous virus,” he said.