Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Hang Chuon Naron on Monday advised private academic institutions to adopt online teaching to provide students with the opportunity to continue their studies.

For students in grades nine and 12 who have to take examinations, the ministry will allow them to take an electronic examination.

Naron said because of Covid-19, the ministry has encouraged private academic institutions to enhance their teaching and learning through electronic remote learning systems.

The goal is to provide the students with the opportunity to continue their studies and to minimise risks that students may face when they gather in high-risk locations.

“In the spirit of ensuring the effectiveness of this measure, the ministry has instructed that any academic institution under the teaching and learning through remote study system or electronic system shall arrange for themselves, the methods and calendars of their teaching, learning, and evaluation through the remote study system or electronic system in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the teaching, learning and evaluation.

“For the students who have to take the Grade 9 and Grade 12 examinations, the ministry will arrange the examination through the remote study system in conformity with the calendar of each respective academic institution. The ministry will cooperate with the academic institutions to ensure the standard,” Chuon Naron said.

The minister said the academic institutions that follow the instructions of the ministry can issue the lower secondary education certificates and the upper secondary education certificates that are acknowledged by the ministry, but the academic institutions will sign off on the documents. The ministry will inspect as necessary to ensure the quality of the diploma.

The ministry also encouraged all parents and guardians to motivate and monitor their children’s studies through the electronic system set up by the relevant academic institutions and should urge them to do self-study at home.

Chuon Naron also stressed that academic institutions must ensure the healthcare and well-being of staff and students given the coronavirus situation.

The ministry also asked landlords to reduce their rent as a result of Covid-19 and find a “win-win” solution for all.

The ministry asked the National Bank of Cambodia to intervene with commercial banks and microfinance institutions that have granted loans to some academic institutions to reduce interest rates and delay payments as long as they possibly can in order to ease their burden.

Ministry spokesman Ros Soveacha on Sunday said the instructions are focused to encourage distance teaching and learning at all levels at private academic institutions.

The ministry announced on April 8 that it would postpone the schedules for the grades nine and 12 examinations and would announce the examination dates later

The ministry had planned the examinations for Grade 9 from August 3 to August 10. Examinations for Grade 12 were scheduled to be held from August 17 to September 9. The ministry will determine the new dates of both examinations later.

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