A large Chinese company, which currently operates a garbage collection service in Phnom Penh, has expressed its interest in investing in a waste-to-energy project in the capital.

Mizuda Group and the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration discussed this during a meeting on March 28.

Mizuda CEO Shan Jian Ming said his company plans to invest in a waste-to-energy project, in addition to the work that the firm does to contribute to the beauty of Phnom Penh.

“We discussed the possibility of contributing to the development of Phnom Penh, in order to make it more beautiful and modern. The meeting was also a chance to discuss any shortcomings in the garbage collection and transport services we provide,” he said.

“Because Mizuda Group already operates 33 waste incinerators in China, we are confident that we will earn the support of the municipal administration, and the government, to construct a facility that will burn garbage to generate electricity,” he added.

Phnom Penh governor Khuong Sreng said solid waste management had improved significantly in the capital since three separate companies were assigned contracts for different part of the city.

“Day by day, we have seen huge improvement in the waste collection sector,” he added.

“Providing the government approves the proposal, the municipal administration will offer its full support to Mizuda’s plans to establish an industrial incinerator,” he continued.

He also suggested that Mizuno investigate the possibility of investing in garbage collection and waste management in the Kingdom’s other provinces.

“There are no longer piles of garbage left to rot in the streets of the city. Rubbish collection happens more regularly and uses more staff with newer equipment than it used to. The new services are applauded by capital residents from all walks of life,” he concluded.

Mizuda is currently responsible for waste collection in five districts: Daun Penh, Prampi Makara, Por Sen Chey, Dangkor and Kambol. The rest of the city is taken care of by 800 Super GAEA (Cambodia) and Cintri/Everbright.