The working group overseeing the management, distribution and supply of strategic drugs in the fight against Covid-19 at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has begun distributing 200mg molnupiravir capsules with the brand name Molnatris at all branches of its Cambodia Post from January 19 in order to more conveniently serve Cambodians living in the provinces.

In a notice on January 18, the ministry said that in order to continue to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 and reduce casualties from the disease, the Cambodia Post will begin distributing Molnatris at all of the Kingdom’s branches starting January 19.

The ministry further detailed that the price of the medication would be set at $55 per treatment course consisting of 40 tablets.

“Sales will start on Wednesday, January 19 ... for private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, sub-pharmacies and the public under different conditions,” it said.

According to the notice, individuals can order from five to 10 courses of treatment at one time while hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and sub-pharmacies can place orders of 10 to 200 treatment courses per each time and resale is capped at $65 per treatment course.

“Private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, sub-pharmacies and the public can order 200mg molnupiravir capsules directly from the ministry or at the Cambodia Post branches in the provinces,” it said.

The 200mg molnupiravir capsules or Molnatris are used for the treatment of mild to moderate Covid-19 in adult patients who are at risk of developing more serious illness. Treatment should start within five days of the initial onset of symptoms. One course of treatment consists of 40 tablets with one taken every 12 hours over a period of five days.