Chairman of the National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD) Ke Kim Yan on July 29 instructed authorities in all districts on international borders to stop all marijuana cultivation and continue to work hard to solve drug-related problems in their localities.

Kim Yan issued the instructions as he observed the International Day Against Drugs, marked this year with the theme “Tackling Drugs in Health and Humanitarian Crises”. At a ceremony attended by 1,200 in Banteay Meanchey province, he incinerated 60kg of illicit drugs.

Um Reatrey, Banteay Meanchey provincial governor and chairman of the provincial Committee for Drug Control, read a message from Prime Minister Hun Sen.

He said the Cambodian government was committed to tackling drug offences through legal measures and considered drug users victims who needed to be cared for, treated and rehabilitated.

Kim Yan thanked the authorities and all of the people involved for their contribution to maintaining the peace, their commitment to the vaccination campaign and for their efforts in the fight against drugs.

He said that despite being busy resisting the virus, the NACD had not relented in its fight against drugs. They have educated people on the impact of drugs, treated the victims, and in particular, they have prevented attempts to use Cambodia as a place to process and produce illegal drugs.

He commented the Banteay Meanchey-based Phnom Bak New Life rehabilitation centre for its dedication in treating addicts and inspiring people and their parents to join the NACD in the fight against the drugs.

He also advised commune council members to provide transparent public services to people and solve the drug problem through the safe village-commune policy. They should remain alert, and report drug cases, he added.

Kim Yan also urged the relevant authorities to prevent the use of e-cigarettes and HTPs, establish drug-free villages near all of the international borders, curb money laundering crime, and treat addicts in their communities.