In a significant move, the National Election Committee (NEC) has given the green light to the validation and commissioning of the 2023 official voter list.

This list boasts over nine million registered voters, nearly 90 per cent of the population exceeding 10 million people aged 18 and above, and includes slightly over 24,000 polling stations.

NEC chairman Prach Chan led the December 26 meeting, during which the committee scrutinised documents and received a report from their specialised unit. The decision was based on thorough examination and assessment.

Additionally, the NEC endorsed draft guidelines for verifying and preparing voter data for the 7th National Assembly (NA) election in 2023, while guidelines for voter training and education for the 5th Senate Election in 2024 were also approved, as outlined in an NEC statement.

“In the meeting’s agenda, the NEC reviewed and approved the content of an educational cartoon video spot titled ‘The Election of the Fifth Term of the Senate in 2024’. This marks the inaugural meeting of the NEC in its new mandate, after assuming office on December 14, 2023,” the committee stated.

NEC member Som Sorida said on December 26 that the list underwent an official review and received approval from the NEC. It stands as a conclusive achievement, ready for deployment in the upcoming election.

“In a separate matter concerning the inspection, verification and preparation of data for those who participated in the 7th NA election in 2023, the NEC has decided to entrust this task to the specialised department within the NEC,” he said.

The decision to validate and unveil the official 2023 voter list followed the initial posting of the list by the NEC on November 24. This involved commune councils posting the initial voter list and the list of individuals to be removed from it. The process included the application, reception and resolution of complaints related to the initial voter list at commune halls and locations nationwide.

In a separate development, the NEC conducted a draw on the morning of December 28 to establish the order of political party names on the ballots for the 5th Senate election later this year.