National Election Committee (NEC) chairman Prach Chan, in a video clip on the NEC’s official YouTube channel, has called on everyone eligible to ensure they are able to vote in next year’s national election.

Verifying details and registering for this year’s voter list can at done at commune halls across the country, he said, or alternatively on the NEC website – – or via its “NEC KH” mobile application from October 20 to December 8.

In the case their name and data differs from that on the National ID card used in the previous election, with the relevant documents people can request a correction through the voter registration team.

Corrections can be made during the verification and registration period, the NEC has said.

The NEC on October 10 issued the official final 2021 voter list, along with the locations of polling stations nationwide.

These have been posted publicly in 1,652 communes nationwide from October 10, and are also available on the NEC website and mobile app.

The NEC appealed to eligible Cambodians who have not yet registered to vote, including those who have just reached the age of 18 – being born on or before July 24, 2005 – to do so.

It also called on voters who have moved to a new area to ensure they are registered in the commune where they will vote.

Chan expressed his strong belief that the Cambodian people and all stakeholders will work together to ensure a smooth verification and registration process, and exercise their democratic right to vote.

The government has also determined Sunday, July 23, 2023, as the date for the national elections for the seventh legislature of the National Assembly.

This year, there are 10,877,017 people – 5,568,398 of whom are women – aged 18 and over, compared to the 9,205,681 people on the last voter list in 2021, the statistics show.

The estimated number of new voters expected to register this year is 409,056, while 104,956 people will be removed from the list.