National Election Committee (NEC) chairman Prach Chan briefed Christophe-Andre Frassa, chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie (APF), on election preparations in Cambodia, sharing how the electoral system has been improved and rules for the next year’s general election are being drafted.

Chan met with Frassa on December 2 during the latter’s visit to Cambodia during which he had met with several high-profile leaders in Cambodia.

During the meeting Chan told Frassa how the June 5 commune council election was successfully held in line with the principles of freedom, fairness and transparency.

The June 5 election was monitored by political parties’ observers, national and international election monitors, and the officials of several embassies in Cambodia.

“After the election, political parties and the majority of election monitors issued supporting statements saying that the June 5 commune council election followed the principles of a multiparty democracy,” Chan said.

Chan said that the plaudits were earned thanked to the improved election system, both in terms of technical aspects, with the expansion of the use of information technology; and as a result, work efficiency and transparency were increased. It earned the trust of voters, with a turnout of 80.32 per cent.

He said that the elections occurred in a free, joyful, trusting atmosphere, without threats or fear.

The NEC is currently carrying out voter checks and new registrations, which will last for 50 days, from October 20 to December 8. The official voter lists will be announced on February 21 next year.

Chan also said the election body has drafted regulations and procedures for the next year’s general election, which will serve as legal provision for operating the election. The draft was sent to the relevant stakeholders for review and inputs.

Currently, their comments and input are being reviewed. The draft rules and regulations will be approved in the near future.