The National Election Committee (NEC) has finalised the content of various materials and documents related to educational initiatives aimed at promoting awareness about the significance of elections. These materials will include articles, video spots and surveys.

Additionally, they pertain to the recruitment of short-term contracted officials for the forthcoming 5th legislative election of the Senate in 2024, as well as documents linked to the removal of voters during the 2023 voter list registration and verification process.

The committee, chaired by Prach Chan, conducted a meeting on October 31, during which the selection and refinement of these materials were addressed comprehensively. Among them, the video spots titled “The 5th Legislative Senate Election 2024” were approved after thorough review, discussion and editing.

They approved content for similar materials associated with the Senate election, which includes three radio spots dealing with the registration of political parties and candidates, election campaign and the fielding in of candidates.

The committee has also created two short video spots and one long video for television distribution, while also proposing that specialised departments conduct surveys to assess the effectiveness of initiatives designed to promote election awareness.

The NEC has sanctioned guidelines for publishing committee bulletins, political party policies, handbills featuring registered candidates, election-related leaflets, campaign guidebooks and templates for the use of both national and international journalists.

NEC spokesperson Som Sorida said on November 1 that the committee’s primary objective, ahead of commencing the election process, is to consistently establish the necessary legal, technical and administrative framework for the forthcoming election.

“In regard to this meeting, the committee reached a consensus on the legal standards, including various documents related to education and public awareness. This encompasses the production of public service announcements for radio and television, aimed at disseminating effective information to the general populace. Our goal is to ensure that even non-voters gain a comprehensive understanding of the Senate election process,” he said.

The government has scheduled February 25, 2024, for the 5th Senate election.