The National Election Committee (NEC) intends to ensure voter list verification and registration are complete, accurate and secure for the 2023 national election.

NEC deputy director- general Mock Dara explained to a recent training session – held for the heads, deputies and computer technicians of the capital-provincial election commissions as well as political party representatives and NGOs – on September 5 that registration is the first stage of the voting process and it is therefore crucial that it is done accurately.

He said this is why NEC is paying close attention to ensure that the work goes smoothly. It is the NEC’s duty to guarantee that the voting rights of the people are honoured, as stipulated in the Constitution. Free and fair elections are key to the Kingdom’s principles of a multiparty democracy, he said.

He continued that voter list verification and registration must be in compliance with the rules and procedures promulgated by last year’s August directive.

“There are several categories of eligible voters who are yet to register. Those who will only turn 18 immediately before the election, and those who had moved to a different commune would need to register. In addition, there are some voters whose names or personal information are not correct.

“It is up to these people to come forward and register or correct their details,” he added.

Sam Sokuntheamy, executive director of the Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (NICFEC) who also attended the session, said that although NEC had expressed its commitment to guaranteeing accuracy in the voter list and registration, it is the practical implementation of these ideals at the commune level that would be most important.

“We know the theory already, but the officials need to stick to the suggestions made in this training session. Merely saying it will be done is not enough, we need to see it carried out accurately,” he said.

NEC spokesman Som Sorida said voter list checks and registration 2022 were organised to enhance quality with three main goals – the completeness of voter lists, total accuracy and to update them where required.

“We know how important this is – these lists will serve the parliamentary election that will elect the 7th legislature,” he added.

According to directive No 276 on voter list verification and registration, the work will begin from October 20 through February 23 next year. Commune lists and registrations will be completed by December 8.