The National Election Committee (NEC) is preparing for a significant two-day meeting on August 14 and 15 to assess and evaluate the proceedings of the July 23 general election.

The meeting will be held at the Stung Sangker Hotel in Battambang town.

NEC vice-president Nuth Sokhom will open proceedings on August 14, according to the body’s August 9 notice, while the closing ceremony on August 15 will be presided over by Minister of Interior Sar Kheng and NEC chair Prach Chan.

NEC spokesperson Som Sorida provided insight into the agenda, explaining that it will include the presentation of a summarised report on the outcomes of the 2023 election.

The meeting will also feature extensive discussions on five key subjects: voter list management; political party registration and candidate lists; the 21-day election campaign; voting, ballot tallying and result declaration; and voter education training.

“After the NEC leads group discussions, representatives from each group will share their findings. Then, the NEC’s secretary-general will summarise the assembly’s conclusions. The meeting will end with an announcement from management,” Sorida said.

The review meeting promises to be inclusive, with participation from various stakeholders such as representatives from political parties, civil society organisations, and journalists, he confirmed.

“It is customary for the NEC to hold a meeting to assess its performance at the conclusion of each election,” said NEC senior member Hang Puthea.

The NEC routinely releases reports detailing its activities throughout all stages of the electoral process, he added.

Reflecting on the 7th National Assembly election, Sorida said more than nine million people were registered to cast their ballots, accounting for 84.59 per cent of eligible voters, with 18 competing political parties to choose from.

The Cambodian People’s Party emerged as the clear victor, securing 120 seats of the National Assembly’s 125 seats.

The royalist FUNCINPEC Party, led by Prince Norodom Chakravuth, won five seats in parliament.