The National Election Committee (NEC) will hold a training course for officials, representatives of political parties and civil society organisation (CSOs) observers on the procedure for verifying voter list and registration. The three-day session is scheduled for September 5-7.

NEC spokesman Som Sorida told The Post that the training was the next task on the NEC’s agenda, after it had recruited new short-term contract officials. It would cover the rules and regulations related to the verification of the voter list and registration, as well as lectures on the roles and responsibilities of the Secretariat of the Capital-Provincial Election Commission, the role of Commune Councils and that of the voter registration team.

“There are a lot of topics related to both the voter list and registration that need to be covered. Aside from the theory surrounding their duties, we have to teach them the practical elements, such as which forms are used for what, how to pack them and additional documents they need to consult. This is why classes will be organised by class and subject,” he said.

According to Sorida, 140 participants will attend the training, including members of each provincial secretariat and all departments of the NEC, as well as observers.

Cho Mab, director of the Preah Vihear Provincial Election Commission Secretariat, told The Post that he would attend the training.

According to the invitation, three participants from each province will join the training, including the director and deputy director of the provincial election commission and at least one IT specialist.

He said that following the training, the capital-provincial election commission secretariats will instruct team members in towns and districts, so they have a clear understanding of the necessary procedures and the regulations that must adhere to.

“After the NEC courses, we will pass the information down to all who require it, so the registration process is efficient and carried out according to the law,” he added.

Sam Sokuntheamy, executive director of the Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (NICFEC), told The Post that his organisation had not yet received an invitation from the NEC.

Sokuntheamy said he would look into the possibility of attending, or assign representatives to attend as soon as he received an official invitation.

The NEC will begin updating the official voter list and voter registration on October 20, with the task expected to take 50 days. Upon completion on December 8, the lists will be of the standard required ahead of next June’s general election.