Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron urged expert departments to enhance the model school support group’s effectiveness.

The focus is on implementing approved standards for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, aiming to elevate state education quality.

The ministry outlined a support mechanism encompassing teams for results monitoring, technical and ICT support along with coordination groups for early childhood, primary and secondary education. 

In a January 2 meeting, Chuon Naron encouraged departments to craft clear action plans to avoid overlapping activities or training workshops, fostering targeted school support.

“The Department of Education Quality Assurance (EQAD) will formulate standardised test guidelines for schools. The initiative begins with monthly tests and semester exams. The finance department must also work closely with EQAD to review and ensure a cost-effective plan,” he said.

Kong Samneang, head of the Federation of Education Services in Cambodia, said that this was a positive step in transforming Cambodia’s education system at the sub-national level.

“Teachers, communities, students and school management in kindergarten to secondary schools need to adhere to the ministry’s guidelines. This will ensure educational quality at all levels, starting from the sub-national level,” he said.

In December 2023, the ministry officially launched the implementation of model school standards for three sub-sectors, emphasising five standards: student performance, teaching and learning effectiveness, community participation, operational school management and institutional accountability.

“We are actively implementing model school standards, spanning from kindergarten to secondary school, with the aim of bolstering the quality of public schools and fostering their development across Cambodia,” the ministry said.