On August 24, during the first meeting of the Council of Ministers at the Peace Palace, Prime Minister Hun Manet announced that he will personally chair the 19th Government-Private Sector Forum scheduled for November.

His aim is to gather insights and recommendations from the private sector.

“I’d like to notify the Council of Ministers and our compatriots that I will be leading this forum to collect inputs from the private sector. These will aid in formulating targeted, practical measures in support of the private sector, a major driving force of our economy,” he said.

Manet further encouraged all stakeholders, particularly those from the private sector, to actively participate in the upcoming event.

The prime minister delegated the responsibility of forum coordination to Aun Pornmoniroth – deputy prime minister and minister of economy and finance, and chairman of the National Committee on Economic and Financial Policy.

Manet urged him to collaborate with relevant ministries, institutions, the private sector and other interested parties so as to ensure the forum’s success.

“We’re extremely proud of the peace we’ve sustained over the past 25 years, and under its shade, Cambodia has achieved remarkable milestones,” he reflected.

He emphasised that the nation has witnessed historic shifts that have enhanced the wellbeing of citizens and bolstered national prestige on both regional and global stages.

This has been achieved through the successful implementation of strategic initiatives in various phases.

Kin Phea, director of the International Relations Institute at the Royal Academy of Cambodia, noted the significance of the forum.

“The goal is to identify challenges that can be addressed for the mutual benefit of the private and public sectors. It’s essential for them to collaborate closely to flourish,” he said.

Phea further noted that addressing challenges faced by the private sector is crucial, relying on current laws and regulations.

Manet highlighted key strategies to address challenges and revitalise main sectors.

“With unwavering commitment, we believe in guiding Cambodia through these challenges, aiming for development and prosperity. Our ultimate goal is to lay a strong foundation for Cambodia’s 2050 vision,” he said.

Manet also made an impassioned plea to leaders, civil servants, armed forces personnel, local authorities, the private sector, NGOs, and all Cambodians to fully back and actively assist the government in rolling out its various measures, policies and programmes.