The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has announced the opening of nominations for the Outstanding Women in Technology Awards 2020 under the theme “Women and Digital Economy”.

The ministry said the awards recognise women who are conquering new frontiers by leading and founding technology firms and building innovative tools, technologies and experiences.

Since 2018, the ministry has been operating the awards programme with funds allocated from the Capacity Building, Research and Development Fund.

Through the programme, the ministry is encouraging more women to contribute to the development of the digital economy.

“This year’s award programme is based on the theme, ‘Women and Digital Economy’ and is seeking prospective candidates from Cambodia. The nomination process begins today and will continue until March 5,” the ministry said.

It said the public is invited to nominate candidates they believe deserve recognition for their contributions to the country’s ICT sector.

The nominees should have experience working in high-tech environments, have leadership skills, as well as possess the capacity to apply them in serving the community.

Besides these, they must show strong commitment to devoting time and effort to find solutions in any field of technology for the benefit of Cambodian society as a whole.

Upon receiving the nominations, the ministry will evaluate and determine the selections based on the set criteria and qualifications.

Five winners will then be honoured at the award ceremony during the Digital Cambodia 2020 expo, which will take place at the Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre in March.

The Outstanding Women in Technology Awards have become an annual custom and key to recognising women in technology in Cambodia, said ministry secretary of state Kan Channmeta.

“During the Digital Cambodia 2020 expo this year, we will celebrate five winners who are doing important work to power Cambodia’s digital economy, while at the same time helping to expand gender equality.

“This programme is a crucial part of our campaign to showcase Cambodia’s role-models and their inspiring achievements,” he said.

Since the launch of the Outstanding Women in Technology Awards, more than 70 women have been recognised.

The public can engage with this programme by nominating as many women candidates as possible, but the nominators should have a good understanding of the work of their nominees. Nominations may be made online through the ministry’s website.