Heng Sophannarith, deputy director-general of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), announced that expanded healthcare and other benefits will be extended to NSSF members as defined by the provisions of the Labour Law.

During the NSSF workshop held in Kampong Speu province on August 25, Sophannarith emphasised the government's strategic priority of enhancing support for pregnant women and children under two years old, with the aim of improving the wellbeing of both mothers and infants.

He said this policy addresses malnutrition concerns, spanning from prenatal stages to early childhood, fostering physical and mental growth. This initiative aligns with the national social protection policy and is executed through three payment stages, approximately 15 instalments.

"To uphold the principles of social security and solidarity, as well as income security, we have also decided to augment medical support payouts, providing a two million riel funeral allowance and adjusting the allocation for occupational risks from four million to 10 million riel [$1,000 to $2,500]," stated Sophannarith.

Relatives are required to submit the death certificate and pertinent documents acknowledged by the NSSF within three months of the family member's passing. This step ensures their eligibility for receiving the dispensation.

Moreover, the NSSF has confirmed that the allowance will be provided to the designated assignee or the funeral organisers within two weeks of notifying the NSSF of the individual's passing.

Sim Ratanak, deputy governor of the province, urged all businesses to promptly register with the NSSF. He emphasised that both newly established and longstanding unregistered enterprises should expedite registration to secure benefits for their workforce.

"Registered enterprises must consistently adhere to the Labour Law and actively participate in the NSSF's knowledge-sharing initiatives. Cooperative engagement is essential," added Ratanak.