Minister of Interior Sar Kheng on October 21 led a meeting to discuss the issue of foreign labour at the Ministry of Interior. In the first 10 months of 2022, police had inspected the accommodations of 30,834 foreign workers and had fined 2,416 foreigners for having no work permits.

The National police said that the meeting had brought together the secretary of state for immigration, the head of the National Committee for Counter Trafficking of Cambodia, the director-general and the deputy director-general of immigration, the secretary general, the director-general of administration, the National Police deputy police chief and other relevant officials.

Sar Kheng said that the meeting was held to hear the summary of a report by the General Department of Immigration relating to the inspection of accommodations of foreigners who resided and worked in Cambodia.

In the report, Kirth Chantharith, director-general of the General Immigration Department, said that from January to October, the General Immigration Department, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, inspected 3,080 accommodations with 30,834 foreign workers there and fined 2,416 foreigners for having no work permits in a sum totalling 1.208 billion riel.