The Pharmacy Council of Cambodia (PCC) formally launched an online medicine registration system (RMS) with a March 24 workshop.

The system will make it simple for pharmacists across the country to register themselves, and will help to prevent the harm to public health that is caused by unqualified pharmacists.

Chairman of the National Council of Pharmacists Ban Botta said the workshop aimed to promote the launch of the online system, so officials would have a clear understanding of it.

"All pharmaceutical professionals will be made aware of the fact that they need to register themselves through the new system,” he said.

“The online system will save time and money for pharmacists across the country. Previously, all registrations had to be done manually, at the PCC offices in Phnom Penh,” he added.

He explained that to be able to register, pharmacists must meet certain criteria.

“Pharmacists must hold a degree which is recognised by the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, or a university overseas. They must be competent, physically fit and free from disease, and they must pass a criminal background check,” he said.

“Before applying for a licence from the health ministry, pharmacists must register with the PCC, in order improve the quality, safety and efficiency of the services they provide. These are legal requirements,” he concluded.