Over a 51-day period authorities have discovered more than 100 illegal gambling dens, resulting in more than 250 individuals landing in court to face charges.

The National Committee for Counter Trafficking (NCCT) said in an October 7 press statement that police and relevant authorities launched operations to check 9,622 locations suspected to be involved with illegal gambling. Of those locations 116 were found to have violated the law by engaging in illegal gambling activities and 253 individuals were sent to the courts for further action.

NCCT said that in the 51 days from August 18 to October 4, police and relevant authorities also educated people in various villages and communes across the country about the law on the suppression of illegal gambling and the impacts of illegal gambling on their communities.

The statement said that the authorities will continue to investigate and keep an eye on all suspected locations to ensure that they do not resume their illegal gambling businesses.