A total of 130 people including Chinese and Vietnamese nationals were detained by Svay Rieng provincial police on April 27 for illegally crossing the Cambodia-Vietnam border led by a broker.

Deputy provincial governor Touch Poliva told The Post on April 29 that police were still questioning them at Thansur Buon Rodov guesthouse in Bavet town.

“Because of the ongoing outbreak of Covid-19, we cannot question them as we normally did – it takes longer than usual,” he said, adding that police have not collected all the detailed information from the foreigners because the questioning was not complete yet.

“After taking their background information, provincial authorities will contact their partner authorities to see what to do. Authorities will then hold a meeting with relevant specialists,” he said.

A military official who requested anonymity said on April 29 that the operation was conducted in the early hours of April 27 as Bavet town Military Police were patrolling the road and saw more than 100 people including Vietnamese and Chinese nationals get off transport at the guesthouse.

Svay Rieng provincial Military Police deputy commander Srey Vutha told The Post on April 29 that police would take legal action after the questioning is complete. The police would expand the scope of the investigation if other people were found to be involved.