The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has reported a significant increase in the number of candidates registered for this year’s baccalaureate exams.

Ministry spokesperson Khuon Vicheka announced that preliminary figures indicate a total of 173,413 candidates, including 73,279 females, have registered across the capital and provinces, a substantial rise from last year’s 120,000 applicants.

In preparation for the upcoming exams, scheduled from November 6-7, the ministry has readied 227 examination centers, comprising 5,545 rooms.

She cautioned that these figures might change and noted that the ministry plans to provide specific data during a press conference scheduled for October 27.

“The ministry is committed to upholding four key principles in the examination process: legality, fairness, transparency and credible outcomes,” she stated.

She reaffirmed that the preparation process remains consistent with previous years, with close cooperation between provincial and local authorities and the education department to ensure a safe and transparent environment.

Throughout the examination period, health officials and the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC) will be stationed in all capital and provincial locations to assist students with health concerns and monitor the process.

Cheng Lim Hean, director of the Preah Vihear provincial education department, said on October 17 that the province has made extensive preparations, including health facilities, medical staff, ambulances and parking for students.

The department will oversee four examination centers with approximately 1,876 students, and a security plan is in development in collaboration with the provincial administration.

The ministry conducted a workshop on October 17, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of the Exam Proctor Commission and its assistants nationwide. The workshop addressed key topics, such as the establishment of a writing centre operation mechanism, roles and responsibilities of the Exam Proctor Commission, duties of the exam proctor assistants and regulations governing the conduct of educational staff during the test.

According to the ministry, exam proctor assistants, drawn from students known for their integrity and responsibility, will play a vital role in monitoring and overseeing the process at each writing centre. With one assistant assigned per two rooms, their presence is integral to the examination’s integrity.

Last year’s high school diploma exams, held on December 5, 2022, attracted 128,134 candidates nationwide, including 69,771 females. The exams took place across 221 writing centers, featuring 5,174 examination rooms, with 76 dedicated to science subjects and 154 to social sciences.