A total of 332 households in Treal commune's Kdei Ta Chen village of Kampong Thom province's Tang Kork district rejoiced as they were issued with 623 property ownership certificates.

This July 20 event recognises their legitimate right to own and use the properties, in a ceremony presided over by Minister of Tourism Thong Khon, who also serves as head of the government's working group overseeing development in the province. 

The property ownership certificates covered residential, agricultural land and pagoda properties, as reported by the Ministry of Information the next day.

During the event, Khon stressed that these certificates represent more than just paper.

"The titles are legal documents protected by state law and cannot be infringed upon by anyone," he said.

He further noted that these certificates could be used to secure bank loans, make transfers or as inheritance, among other legal purposes.

The minister also underscored the importance of land as a vital resource that must be used sustainably for future generations.

He observed that each registered village signifies a promising opportunity.

Consequently, he urged the town, district, and commune administrative committees to inspect and record any planned road expansions to ensure their preservation.

The public land, including lakes, waterholes and canals, are to be registered as state properties.

He added that state-owned properties like schools, health centres and pagodas need clear registration or resolutions in the event of an infringement to prevent further violations.

The minister also encouraged the villagers to cooperate with cadastral officers for accurate land measurement and to ensure legal title deeds for all properties.

He insisted on the need for clear land demarcation before the arrival of the survey team, as specified by the information ministry.

This measure, the minister believes, will foster a sense of security among the families and contribute to the village's overall development.