The authorities of Pailin and Siem Reap provinces are celebrating the success of the model public service providers in the education and health sectors by organising parades.

Pailin provincial governor Ban Sreymom, along with several other provincial officials, congratulated Phnom Yat Secondary School on winning first prize for the Model Public Service Unit in the Education Sector 2023, on February 26.

Sreymom described the victory as testament to the efforts of the leadership, staff and students of the school, who showed that a provincial school can compete at the national level.

She said the award is an honour for the province.

“As we build on the success of Phnom Yat Secondary School, we will continue to work hard to prepare our other two secondary schools for the 2025 competition,” she added.

She called on the leadership, staffs and students of other schools to work together and try to claim victory in the coming years.

In Siem Reap province, Ly Vannak, chief of administration at the provincial hall, said authorities have prepared a celebratory parade for the province’s four winning schools, and will march on February 29 to encourage other public service providers to step up their efforts.

“This shows the will of the government to encourage all service providers to compete with one another, and improve the quality and efficiency of public service delivery, starting with the priority areas. These include education at the primary and secondary school level, as well as healthcare at the health centre level,” he said.

According to Vannak, the model public service units in Siem Reap are Preah Intra Kousey Khmer-Japanese Friendship Secondary School, which placed second, third-placed Wat Bo Primary School and Kravan Primary School, which was awarded sixth.

He added that Kork Chak Health Centre placed second in the health sector competition.

Prime Minister Hun Manet issued a sub-decree which established that the top 10 primary schools and secondary schools would be recognised, as well as the top 10 public health service providers.

The February 22 sub-decree announced that the top institutions will each receive 200 million riel (around $50,000).