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Past, present and future: the CPP view

Past, present and future: the CPP view

The Cambodian People's Party has issued its official line on the tumultuous events

of recent months and its vision for the next elections. The following is a lightly-edited

version of a communiqué issued at the end of the 23rd Plenum of the CPP Central

Committee held in Phnom Penh Oct 25-27.

1) The Plenum expresses its profound gratitude and highest respect to His

Majesty Preah Bat Norodom Sihanouk, our sacred King of the Kingdom of Cambodia, and

her Majesty the Queen who had stayed in the country and spent Their efforts to work

well with the Royal Government and granted audiences to Their children and grandchildren

at all levels in contribution to the service of our nation. The Plenum respectfully

wishes Him best of health so as to remain as the cool shade for His people who are

His children and grandchildren.

2) The Plenum is of view that before 5 and 6 July 1997, the activities of

Ranariddh and his close associates had gone beyond the framework of political competition

conducive to the use of violence, terrorist acts, [and] even went to the length of

using military forces in their bid for power. More importantly, they have joined

hands with the outlawed Khmer Rouge rebels, which constitutes a serious breach of

law. If this situation could not be contained on time, it [would] pave the way for

the return of the genocidal regime. The event of 5-6 July 1997 was provoked by the

extremists led by Norodom Ranariddh and his cronies while the government operation

was the most legal and correct one with the aim of suppressing their illegal acts

in collusion with the outlawed Khmer Rogue forces. And this was to strengthen the

rule of law and to protect the Constitution and the interests of the Cambodian nation

and the people.

3) The Plenum is of the view that the success of the Government forces during

the event of 5-6 July has timely destroyed the genocidal alliance between Pol Pot,

Ta Mok, Khieu Samphan and Ranariddh [...] by avoiding the inestimable danger for

Cambodia, thus making the political stability even more better [...] The institutions

of the government, judiciary, National Assembly and the King continue to function,

and the freedom and rights of the people as well as the democratic practices have

been consolidated. All of these have created new favorable conditions for the ongoing

march of Cambodia, specially for the holding of the General Elections scheduled on

23 May 1997.

4) The Plenum has also assessed that the quick return to normalcy following

the event of 5-6 July 1997 has made the general political situation even more positive

and economic activities proceed normally although a number of complicated problems

remain to be addressed. The most important point is that the Plenum expresses its

full support for the 8-point order of the Royal Government which was announced by

Second Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen. This 8-point-order has widely been supported

and brought satisfactory results, thus stabilizing the political security, creating

an atmosphere of mutual trust without fear, speeding up the process of respecting

law and human rights, and creating facilities for the quick [return to] normalcy

of social life.

5) The Plenum would like to express its high appreciation and profound gratitude

to people from all social strata, Government officials and civil servants, employees,

workers, armed forces, political forces, and our compatriots living abroad who have

joined the Royal Government and the CPP to successfully solve the complicated problems.

6) The Plenum also wishes to sincerely congratulate all CPP officials and

members who have been in firm unity and foiled all maneuvers orchestrated by the

outlawed Khmer Rouge and their allies who keep using all means and forms to destroy

the Party.

The Plenum sincerely thanks our compatriots living abroad who have followed with

keen interest the development of the situation in Cambodia and correctly understand

the reality on the ground and give justice to the Cambodian People's Party.

The Plenum also expressed its gratitude to the friendly countries and non-governmental

organizations which continue to support the Royal Government of Cambodia and assist

the Cambodian people.

7) As far as the election is concerned, the Plenum would like to express its

support for all measures taken with the aim of holding the Parliamentary elections

on 23 May 1998.

The Plenum supports the appeal for the return of politicians, officials and civil

servants who have fled the country because of fear in order to resume their work

and join political activities in conformity with the law in force, in contribution

to the building of peace, stability, development and the strengthening of the rule

of law.

The Plenum would like to appeal to all those concerned to strive to implement the

8-point-order of the Royal Government aimed at creating a neutral political environment

conducive to the holding of a free, fair and just election as mandated by the Constitution.

The Plenum kindly requests the Royal Government and competent authorities to ensure

true transparency in the process of holding the upcoming election, absolutely preventing

all threats and intimidation and terrorist acts, providing full safety and security

to all political parties and personalities, and equality between parties on the use

of State-run media.

The CPP undeviatingly sticks to its position, that is to say the elections must be

organized by Cambodia herself, welcomes local and international observers, and accepts

the role of the Special Representative of the UN General Secretary as the coordinator

of international observers.

The CPP welcomes financial assistance from foreign countries to organize the upcoming


The 23 May 1998 General Election will be organized by Cambodia herself in line with

free, fair and just principles. The CPP would like to solemnly declare that it will

respect the results of the upcoming elections.

8) The CPP continues to put into practice the policy of national reconciliation

with all political forces regardless of their past on the basis of respecting the

Constitution, law in force, human rights and democracy in Cambodia. It is in this

sense, the CPP continues to implement the policy of alliance with all allied parties

and other political parties before, during and after the elections. The CPP wishes

to emphasize that if it wins the 1998 elections, it will form a coalition government

with the participation of a large number of political parties.

9) The CPP supports the major economic policies, that is to say the stabilization

of the macro-economy, prevention of inflation, maintenance of economic growth and

the establishment of a solid foundation for sustainable development.

The CPP continues to support and boost economic development by giving priorities

to four areas, namely agriculture, physical infrastructure, electricity and human

resource development. It continues to focus on rural development, address the people's

difficulties, and improve their living conditions.

10) The Plenum continues to strictly carry out the policy of preventing the

return of the genocidal regime and support the establishment of an international

tribunal to prosecute those responsible for genocide and those who act in connivance

with them.

The CPP strongly condemns all activities which attempt to disinform the public opinion,

to help alleviate or cover the blunders and crimes of the genocidal ringleaders -

Pol Pot, Ta Mok, Khieu Samphan. A case in point is the use of various electronic

media to serve the above-mentioned purposes. These acts are tantamount to looking

down on the memories of the more than three million Cambodian people who have been

killed during the genocidal period and also on the conscience of the whole of humanity.

11) The CPP continues to implement a foreign policy of friendship, peace,

cooperation with all political parties and countries all over the world, irrespective

of their political tendencies, based on the principle of respecting each others'

independence and sovereignty.

The Central Committee of the Cambodian People's Party would like to appeal to CPP

parties and members at all levels, both inside and outside the country, to enhance

their spirit of internal unity and solidarity around the CPP Central Committee and

Standing Committee in order to create a strong force in the accomplishment of all

the Party's political tasks laid down by the 23rd Plenum for the cause of the nation

and people, particularly in our march towards the Parliamentary elections in 1998.

Phnom Penh, 27 October 1997


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