Khuong Sreng, the governor of Phnom Penh, announced that the municipal administration has organised approximately 350 city buses to assist in travel for the July 23 national elections.

This decision, disclosed during a meeting on July 18 with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training and other key institutions, aims to streamline the journey of people and workers to the provinces for the upcoming elections.

The administrative effort falls in line with instructions from Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“In an effort to assist locals and workers returning to their home provinces for the election on July 23, the municipal administration has prepared about 350 buses.

“They will be in service for three days from July 22-24. The travel will be cost-free, and it will be organised at 10 different locations across Phnom Penh,” Sreng said.

For the endeavour to run smoothly, he urged officials involved to perform their duties efficiently, prioritising safety and equality.

In response, Ath Thorn, president of the Cambodian Labour Confederation, expressed his support for the government’s actions.

He noted on July 19 that providing transportation for workers during major events was a valuable way to support the community.

“Despite some criticism that might perceive this as a political manoeuvre, I see it as a positive step. It provides assistance for our people during challenging times,” Thorn said.

The confederation’s president went on to say: “I’d like to see such initiatives become an annual event, without any ulterior motives, to allow workers to cast votes for their party of choice”.

Earlier, on July 11, Prime Minister Hun Sen instructed Sreng to deploy public buses to enable workers to take part in the national elections in their respective provinces. In his directive, the Prime Minister emphasised the non-partisan nature of the service.

“This transport service isn’t for influencing the ballot, and there should be no discrimination according to political affiliation,” he said.