The Phnom Penh Municipal Court handed over 561 guns and rifles confiscated as evidence in criminal cases over the last 10 years to the National Police for use in maintaining security and social order.

Municipal court president Tang Sunlay said on August 27 that these weapons were seized from many cases of illegal gun possession and robbery, among others.

“Some of them can still be used, and some are dysfunctional,” Sunlay said.

Prosecutor Chroeng Khmao said these weapons are given to the police to maintain security and order.

Confiscated guns donated to the police. MUNICIPAL COURT

The National Police's ammunition control department director Chea Sandab said that aside from the 561 weapons, there are 2,556 bullets and gun drills, among others.

He said his department will check all of them to see how many are still usable.

He also called on public institutions that keep more weapons than necessary to hand them over to his department for control in accordance with the law.