Prime Minister Hun Sen, who holds the rank of five-star general, called on the personnel of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) to continue to cooperate with the authorities at all levels to curb any attempts at triggering instability in society.

The remarks came as he presided over June 12 celebrations of the 29th anniversary of the inauguration of Brigade 70, along with the inauguration of new facilities in the base.

“I request that the commander, the deputy commander and all members of Brigade 70 cooperate with all relevant institutions and units and the people in each part of the Kingdom to strengthen national unity. You must curb any racial or religious hostilities, and prevent any attempts to destabilise the country,” he said.

Hun Sen complimented the personnel of Brigade 70 for their efforts and the heroic sacrifices they had made in the course of performing their duties, noting

that they have protected the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, maintained peace, safety and public order.

He added that over the past 29 years, Brigade 70 has built hundreds of buildings, roads and training facilities. The continuous growth of the Cambodian Army all began from the will and strength of unity of the Kampuchean United Front for National Salvation, which toppled the regime of Pol Pot on January 7, 1979.

“January 7, 1979 marked the starting point of the new Cambodian society. We saved their lives and restored their rights, freedoms, traditions and religion, bringing democracy and development in all sectors, including the peace we all enjoy,” he said.

General Mao Sophan, deputy commander of the Royal Cambodian Army and commander of Brigade 70, also addressed the assembled troops.

“Since its formation, Brigade 70 has overcome many obstacles to follow the orders of the Prime Minister, the National Defence Minister, the commander in chief and the commander of the Royal Cambodian Army,” he said.

Hun Sen points to photographs of himself on display at the Brigade 70 anniversary celebrations on June 12. SPM

He added that in gratitude to Hun Sen, he had vowed to stay loyal to the nation, the religion and the King and would defend the Constitution, the legitimate government, peace, democracy and the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, forever.

“We vow to crush every attempt to collude to destroy peace, incite political instability and will shatter every ploy to spearhead a colour revolution in Cambodia. We are absolutely opposed to outside interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom,” he continued.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, said on June 12 that the remarks were appropriate, as Cambodia is gearing up for the forthcoming general election.

He added that in these circumstances, some politicians and opposition activists may attempt to spread misleading information to confuse the public.

“Therefore, it falls to the authorities to make certain their attempts to sow discord fail,” he said.

“Cambodia now enjoys peace, and we all have the ability to participate in the development of the country. However, if chaos or insecurity was to spread, what we have built so far could be suddenly destroyed,” he added.

He concluded that the government was obliged to defend its achievements, and those of society, by defending public order.