Prime Minister Hun Sen has called on the families of deceased Covid-19 victims to be patient with the provision of subsidies when they are slow to arrive. He also urged the Ministry of Health and authorities at all levels to speed up the process of providing the financial assistance.

Hun Sen made the call as he responded to a Facebook comment about the subsidies by a user under the name Oun Lyly.

“Please forgive me. I have a question to ask [Hun Sen]. Do those who die of Covid-19 get subsidies from the ministry? I ask because my dear father died of Covid-19 on November 5, 2021,” Lyly wrote.

Hun Sen responded immediately saying the families of the dead will receive a payment of two million riel ($500) from the state.

“The money isn’t lost – it’s just slower to arrive in some places and faster in other places. Please be patient. [The money] will only be given to those who died of Covid-19 in the hospital,” he said.

Hun Sen announced in early November that the government had agreed in principle to provide two million riel to the families of anyone who died of Covid-19.

“Previously, we made a payment of five million riel for Phnom Penh, but now in principle, the government will make payments of two million riel. We directly offer two million riel to the families per victim.

“We also offer an additional one million riel for cremation, but this money is not sent to the family of the dead, it is sent to the authorities in charge of cremations or burials,” he said.

He said that the money for cremations or burials has now been provided in advance to all provinces through December.

The prime minister specified that the subsidies are not for those who have died from other causes but are then found to be positive for Covid-19. For example, if someone committed suicide or died in a traffic accident and then they were found to be positive for Covid-19, they do not qualify for the subsidy.