Prime Minister Hun Sen called on government agencies and authorities at all levels to set up spiritual support teams to make regular visits to veterans in hospitals.

The premier, who is also chairman of the Cambodia Veteran Association, made the appeal in a letter ahead of the 15th Veterans Day on June 21, highlighting the former armed forces personnel’s sacrifices for the nation.

Hun Sen said June 21 is a memorial day to commemorate the heroism of veterans and express gratitude for their brave sacrifices of flesh and blood for the sake of the beloved motherland.

“The patriotic sacrifices of our veterans and our people at every point in history has contributed a great deal to the protection of national integrity, peace-building and social stability in Cambodia, fostering socio-economic development in the country, for the sake of the motherland and the people,” he said.

He also called on veterans to maintain a noble heroic spirit and dignity, as outstanding citizens and role models in society.

According to Hun Sen’s letter, 103,797 veterans and 150,539 dependants nationwide currently receive social security benefits.