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Police Blotter: October 2007

Police Blotter: October 2007






OCTOBER 4: Boeun Boeu, 28, and Touch Vanna, 25, were arrested by police for

questioning after a woman accused them of stealing her jewelry in Tum Nop commune,

Kampong Cham province. Police said the two robbed Thoy Kim, 57, and stolen her gold

earrings and 35,000 riel in cash the previous night. The two confessed to police

that they robbed the woman.

OCTOBER 4: Police are looking for Turn Long, 22, after he killed his father

Pok Luon, 40, in Teuk Laak village, Kampong Chhnang province. Turn Sreyla, 14, told

police Long axed his father to death and dumped his body in a pond behind the house.

Sreyla said the argument occurred after the father denied to grant a plot of land

to Long who asked for its ownership.

OCTOBER 6: Police arrested four Vietnamese after they were suspected of injuring

Lim Yan, 45, during a robbery at 5:20pm at Hong Kong hotel where he had sex with

a woman in Boeng Pralit commune, Phnom Penh. Police named the four suspects as Dong

Ngoc Thantam, 27, Yong Veminh, 27, Dong Van Chung, 23, and a woman, Nguyen Ankeath,

24. Police said Yan was stabbed five times in the back and slashed four times in

the face with a knife while fighting with the four. Yan was taken to a hospital but

he later escaped to evade arrest after police found 30 pills of drugs in his room.

OCTOBER 6: Two robbers escaped on a stolen motorbike belonging to Chea Vannak,

23, who was fatally gunned down in a robbery while carrying his girlfriend at 7:30pm

in Toul Svay Prey 1 commune, Phnom Penh. The girl told police that one of the two

robbers shot Vannak in the left ear with a handgun while driving home from a restaurant

where she ate with him.

OCTOBER 6: Police came to inspect the body of an unidentified woman after

she was found dead in Kaun Sek village, Battambang province. Police said the woman,

who wore black trousers and a stripe T-shirt, was stabbed in the neck and her wrist

had been cut with a knife. Police are investigating the murder because one slipper

belonging to the killer was left at the scene.

OCTOBER 6: Leak Tok, 13, died and his brother, Leak Moeun, 11, was injured

during a nighttime explosion in Rokar Bos village, Battambang province. Chhim Kimhong,

Police Inspector of Kam Reang district, said authority arrested Nop Hap, 27, after

the children's parents reported that they recently argued with a neighbor over land

boundary. Hap confessed he organized the explosion, but his accomplice is still running


OCTOBER 7: Thorn Tun, 29, was sent to a provincial hospital for medical treatment

after a friend injured him while drinking wine and eating dog meat at 5pm in Tuol

Vihear village, Kampong Cham province. Police said that Tun was invited for drinks

by his friend identified as Houch who escaped after chopping Tun once in the neck

with a cleaver during an argument.

OCTOBER 8: Lim Lon, 24, was arrested for questioning after a 17-year-old girl

accused him of raping her four days earlier in Kauk Kathin commune, Banteay Meanchey

province. The girl said Lon gave her Baht 200 (200,000 riel) to buy a shirt for Pchum

Ben then he raped her behind her house. Lon rejected accusations of rape and told

police she agreed to have sex with him.

OCTOBER 8: Srym Choeun, 25, was sentenced to 18 years in prison after provincial

court found him guilty of a rape the previous year in Banteay Dek commune, Kandal

province. Presiding judge, Ith Sothea, said at the hearing that Choeun was arrested

after raping a 13-year-old girl on November 9, 2006. The girl said Choeun had attempted

to rape her once in the early evening but she pushed him out of a mosquito net. The

girl said Choeun later came back and raped her while she was asleep at midnight.

The judge ordered Choeun to pay the girl one million riel for compensation.

OCTOBER 9: Nuot Kea, 25, was arrested by a crowd of people who later handed

him to the police after he was beaten nearly to death during a robbery at noon in

Svay Dangkum village, Siem Reap province. Police said Kea was accused of stealing

a motorbike belonging to Ry Samey, 18. Samey told police Kea blocked her path and

aimed a plastic handgun at her waist and asked her for a key, he then tried to escape

after she shouted for help.

OCTOBER 9: Sok Yan, 32, was arrested while hiding in Wat Koh after injuring

Hay Ra, 25, during an attempted robbery at 9:30pm in Psar Thmey 3 commune, Phnom

Penh. Ra who is now under treatment at a hospital told police that Yan stabbed him

in the stomach with a knife and tried to escape after stealing 5,000 riel. Ra said

he earned the money selling recycling materials.

OCTOBER 10: Meach Marady, 44, was arrested after injuring his boss, Ym Kimseang,

45, a deputy chief of a provincial military headquarters, during a drinking session

in Bos Khnor village, Battambang province. Police said Marady became angry after

Kimseang asked him to stop ranting while he was drinking beer with other people.

Police said Kimseang was chopped three times with an ax and later sent to a hospital

in Phnom Penh.

OCTOBER 11: Eth Sary, 37, was arrested for murder during a little argument

in Thnoat Te village, Takeo province. Police said Sary stabbed Arth Chhorn, 26, in

the bladder with a knife and he later died at a provincial hospital. A bystander

told police the conflict occurred after Sary criticized Chhorn when he parked his

motorbike on a busy road.

OCTOBER 12: A group of gunmen escaped in a car after shooting dead Hom Houy,

44, during a nighttime robbery in Trapaing Kroal village, Kampong Thom province.

His wife told police three robbers entered the house and shot her husband twice with

an AK-47 then threatened for $10,000 that he just got from selling a plot of land.

The woman said the robbers escaped after stealing a gold necklace and $1,000 in cash.


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