Phnom Penh municipal Military Police are questioning more than 100 suspects involved in a covert online gambling operation in violation of the government’s ban on gatherings and gambling regulations.

Their arrests followed a raid on a condominium building on street 508 in Chamkarmon district’s Phsar Doeum Thkov commune.

National Military police spokesman Eng Hy told The Post that the suspects gathered for online gambling.

He said those found to be involved in the operation would be referred to court on gambling charges.

A Phnom Penh Military Police official who asked not to be named told The Post on August 22 that most of the suspects were Chinese, and officials were still searching for other suspects.

The source said those not directly involved in the offences would likely only receive a warning and be released.

“We will send all those involved in the gambling operation to court. As for those who were not involved in the crime, like cooks, security guards and vendors, we will not prosecute them,” he said.

He said the suspects, including some Vietnamese nationals, were being questioned but those found to be behind the crime would be sent to court within 48 hours of their arrest.

“The prosecutor has temporarily closed the condominium, pending further court proceedings,” he said.