Law enforcement officers from the National Police’s Anti-Drug Department and Dangkor district have arrested two men who are suspected of having shot and killed a police officer during an anti-drugs operation at a location on the outskirts of the capital on the evening of December 28.

In Song, spokesman for the Anti-Drug Department, told The Post on December 29 that authorities are currently investigating and the case – including the deadly shooting – remains open.

"Please understand that we are now collecting preliminary information and we intend to bring the perpetrators of this act to justice. We cannot discuss any details while the case is open, so we’ll be providing all of the facts regarding the incident later,” he said.

He said that the police officer who was killed was Major Mech Chhayphi, who was working as a deputy in the education office of the Anti-Drug Department. He was shot during a police operation taking place at Borey Chip Mong in Prey Sar commune of Dangkor district.

Cheang Hokse, deputy police chief of Dangkor district, told The Post on December 29 that it was an anti-drug trafficking operation and that a gun battle erupted when officers attempted to stop a vehicle driving in the vicinity of the address they were raiding.

He said that while his force was patrolling, he received an order from the Dangkor district police chief to intervene and arrest a group of suspects with a white Toyota Alphard car after the group had already exchanged gunfire with the Anti-Drug Department officers before attempting to flee.

Hokse stated: “The Anti-Drug Department cracks down on drug crime, but we were the patrol force backing them up. After we learned that a police officer from the Anti-Drug Department was shot, my police chief ordered me via radio to find the suspects. Then we saw the car and we stopped it without further incident and handed them over to the Anti-Drug Department."

Hokse said that they stopped the vehicle at a traffic light on 50m Road at the corner of 60m in Prek Thleung village of Choeung Ek commune. Three people, including one woman, who are foreign nationals, were all detained.