The Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital in Phnom Penh and police are searching for the relatives of a 15-year-old boy who is now receiving intensive care after being run over by a train at around 4am on October 10 in Por Sen Chey district.

On the morning of October 10, the hospital posted an urgent notification on Facebook attempting to locate the boy’s relatives as surgeons were still working hard to save his life in the operating room.

“We would like to announce a search for the relatives of the 15-year-old boy known only as Chheurm who was run over by the train. He lost his left arm, both legs and suffered severe bleeding head injuries.

“The boy was rushed to the hospital without a relative. Surgeons are now trying to save his life. Please contact 012 812 248,” the hospital said.

As of the evening of October 10, no relatives of the boy have come forward.

“The hospital helped the victim in every way, but so far no relatives have been seen and the child is in critical condition. We have given him blood transfusion, and we even sent him to the ICU and operating rooms,” it said

Choam Chao commune police chief Theng Kosal told The Post on October 10 that the incident occurred at around 4am on October 10 on the Phnom Penh-Kampot section of the railway line near National Road 4 in Chaom Chao III commune’s Ang village.

“We have not yet found the boy’s relatives. We do not know where he comes from. He went to sleep on the railway. I contacted the Ang village chief to help find his relatives and where he lives,” Kosal said.