Ny Chanty, the head of the technical bureau of Cambodia-China Friendship Hospital Preah Kosomak, said that in 2022, the hospital had received medical examinations and treatment for more than 17,000 members of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), of which more than 11,000 are in the health care sector.

He added that members of the NSSF who came to received medical services at hospital and other hospitals were very lucky because the NSSF covered medical costs, no matter how much the patient had to pay.

“Our hospital does not discriminate against any patients. It means that all patients, both patients who pay on their own and patients under the NSSF programme, the hospital has provided them with the same service,” he continued.

Patients under the NSSF programme also expressed satisfaction and gratitude for the leadership of the NSSF, especially for the head of the Cambodian government who established this good NSSF programme.

Se Pak, a member of the NSSF said: “Without this NSSF card, maybe I have no ability to pay treatment costs for my illness.”

According to the NSSF registration and contribution department, until now, the NSSF under the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training had recorded over 2.5 million members. Of that number, over 430,000 are civil servants who are benefiting the NSSF.