Preah Sihanouk governor Kuoch Chamroeun requested that the new Vietnamese consulate-general to the coastal province, Lai Xuan Chien, work with him to facilitate the entry of workers from Vietnam to work legally there so that criminals and opportunists cannot exploit their labour force.

The request came as he met with Chien on February 9 for discussions.

“We have studied the flow of foreigners coming to illegally work in Preah Sihanouk province.

“It is necessary for us all to work together to make it easier for us to manage. At the same time, we have to establish cooperation and help give them a clear understanding about Cambodian law when they come to work in the province. We have to abide by Cambodian law for everyone to be in harmony,” he said.

At the meeting, Chien agreed to the request, saying that all foreign workers have to abide by the laws of whatever country they are in.

He thanked Chamroeun for meeting his delegation and discussing security, order and cooperation between the two countries to deepen relations and reduce the flow of illegal workers, partly by providing more legal work opportunities.

Sok Sokhom, director of the NGO Cambodian National Research Organisation (CNRO), welcomed the request, saying that usually the citizens of each country who cross into another country have to follow the laws of that nation whether they are there to study, work or for any other reason.

“If Vietnamese workers come to work in our country without following the laws and regulations, it will lead to anarchy, insecurity, social disorder, labour exploitation and kidnapping. Both Cambodian and Vietnamese workers must follow the immigration and labour laws of wherever they intend to work,” he said.