Based on the preliminary results of the February 25 Senate election, released by the National Election Committee, the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) is expected to claim 55 of the 58 available seats. 

A coalition of opposition parties, who agreed to contest the fifth Senate election under the banner of the Khmer Will Party (KWP), are tipped to win three seats.

The opposition coalition was the merge of four political parties: Candlelight (CP), Khmer Will (KWP), Grassroots Democratic (GDP) and Cambodia Reform (KRP).

According to the NEC, the CPP received 10,052 ballots, while the KWP gained 1,394. The two other parties which stood candidates – FUNCINPEC and Nation Power Party – did not receive any seat.

The Sunday election saw 11,730 of the 11,747 eligible voters cast their ballots, or 99.86 per cent turnout. 

The non-general election saw incumbent lawmakers and commune councillors elect 58 members of the Senate. The King and the National Assembly will each appoint two Senators.

If there are no complaints, the provisional results will be announced on March 2, with the official results declared on April 2, according to the NEC election calendar.

Kong Monika (centre), president of the KPW. Kong Monika via FB