The Ministry of Health and relevant stakeholders on September 2 held a meeting to discuss Primary Health Care Booster Implementation Framework (PHC-BIF), aimed to strengthen healthcare resilience and promote a change of behaviour toward a healthy lifestyle.

The meeting was led by minister Mam Bun Heng with some 100 participants in attendance. Bun Heng thanked the World Health Organisation (WHO) for their strong support in the drafting and development of this framework.

Bun Heng said the ministry's health strategy phase 4 for 2023-30 is being finalised, with healthcare resilience and universal health coverage the main focus.

To that end, primary healthcare is a key element that must be taken into account, Bun Heng said, adding that pushing for primary healthcare implementation is an effective measure to achieve universal health coverage and sustainable development.

The implementation of the PHC-BIF framework will include the provision of primary health services closer to the people, especially the poor and vulnerable.

The minister told participants to provide input based on the priority areas as determined by the ministry to make this framework applicable in rural and remote areas in the future.