Prime Minister Hun Sen reminded all civil servants, especially commune council members, to continue to pay close attention to fulfilling their duties and responsibilities to serve the nation and the people. In particular, they should provide them with efficient services and avoid causing problems that upset them.

The call came as he met with civil servants and members of the armed forces on October 29 in Kampong Thom province.

“We have to provide the people with public services quickly and effectively and we have to try hard to eliminate inaction. Authorities must settle land disputes for the people as efficiently as possible, especially out-of-court settlements,” he said.

He also commended civil servants and all members of the armed forces for their performance and efforts to curb the Covid-19 pandemic and help resolve the problems of the people who had been affected. He also lauded their effectiveness at maintaining security and public order.

He was proud of bringing the pandemic under control and singled out the vaccination campaigns for special praise, saying it had allowed Cambodia to reopen.

“All of this can be attributed to the efforts of all of the Cambodian people ,who curbed Covid-19 transmission,” he said.

The prime minister also reminded officials to continue to maintain security and social order and implement the safe village-commune policy. They should crack down on offences such as pickpocketing, robbery and drug dealing to provide the public with a safe living environment.

Kampong Thom provincial governor Nguon Ratanak said that the province had a total of 7,937 civil servants, 25 members of the provincial council, 169 members of the town and district councils, and 585 members of the commune councils.

He added that criminal offences such as natural resource crimes, including illegal fishing, wildlife poaching and forest clearance, as well as drug dealing, distribution and possession offences had declined across the province. The command of the provincial police had also raided several illegal gambling dens, he added.