The use of pure rice seed varieties has proven to be profitable for rice farmers and mill operators, as well as the rice sector as a whole, said an expert in the field.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries secretary of state Yang Saing Koma said agricultural officials in Cheung Prey district of Kampong Cham province are stepping up efforts to ensure that the district’s farmers will have access to enough pure varieties of seed in time for the planting season.

In a June 2 social media post, he described how high-quality seed offered many benefits, including a higher germination rate, which meant less seed was needed to guarantee high yields.

“Rice planted with pure seed varieties grows well, and demands a higher price than traditional types. It is also disease resistant and easier to mill,” he added.

“Overall, the use of high-quality seeds brings farmers increased profits with higher yields, lower costs, higher rice prices and easy sales. The millers also benefit, as the milled yields are also higher,” he explained.

He added that the agriculture ministry is working to develop a seed delivery mechanism that will see all of the Kingdom’s farmers receiving the seeds within the next three to five years. It also offered the expectation that plans to deploy agriculture specialists to every commune would contribute to resolving any remaining issues in the field.