A new dumpsite construction project in Roleab commune’s Tuol Mkak village of Pursat town is now more than 98 per cent finished, with construction scheduled for completion on February 26, 2022, the Ministry of Information said on December 31.

While inspecting the construction progress at the dumpsite on December 28, Pursat provincial governor Cheav Tay instructed Oeung Simsea construction company to complete work on it as soon as possible without compromising safety or technical standards, because the site was badly needed by the provincial administration and residents of Pursat to improve environmental sanitation in the province.

“The problems of environmental sanitation as well as landfills and garbage disposal are major social ills that the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen has always urged provincial authorities to pay more attention to, especially improving the environment of the towns and urban areas,” he said.

He added that the garbage problem is increasing day-by-day in the town, so the provincial administration needs to plan ahead for future dumpsites and landfills.

The project to build the dumpsite was approved by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport under a concessional loan from the Asian Development Bank of approximately $1.6 million. Oeung Simsea construction company was granted the contract to build the dumpsite on more than 15ha in April 2020.

The Pursat town administration has recently informed the public that from the evening of December 28, 2021, onwards, the administration will impose fines on those who illegally dump garbage in public places as defined under sub-decree 113.