The Apsara National Authority (ANA), in collaboration with The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) started a project to renovate the southern gate of Ta Prohm temple. The gate collapsed several years ago, due to various factors.

“This project will bring back the priceless works of our Khmer ancestors and enhance the beauty of Ta Prohm,” said the ANA on January 6, adding that the project kicked off this week.

The project will not only restore the gate, but also it 20-metre-long enclosure that also collapsed, said Sing Sood, head of the India-Cambodia Cooperation Project at Ta Prohm.

“The collapse may have been caused by the age of the construction, or the effects of weather, tree roots, insects, and the lack of preservation in the past, he added.

Sood said the restoration team will first study plans of the gate’s structure, and then carry out excavations to research the damaged parts, before repairing the stones and preparing their reassembly.

“Then the team will strengthen the foundations and return the stones to their original location. The restoration work is done using the Anastylosis technique,” he said.

He expected that the south gate of Ta Prohm will be strong and beautiful again within the next two years.