The Student Talent Expo of the Royal University of Fine Arts ran for three days from April 1-3. Under the theme of “Five Legacies 2023”, it showcased the work of the students of the university’s five faculties, and also served as pre-celebration of the upcoming Khmer New year.

Minister of Culture and Fine Arts Phoeurng Sackona addressed the opening of the event, commending the students and expressing her pleasure that the event would allow the public to enjoy Cambodian art in so many forms.

“Without the peace we all enjoy, you would have no opportunity to showcase your talents today,” she reminded them.

Soeut Sovanny, the organiser of the expo, told The Post she had observed both current students and graduates attending the event, along with many members of the public – several of them curious foreigners.

“One of the most significant aspects of the expo is that it gives students in the university, and outsiders alike, a clearer understanding of the many different forms of Khmer arts. This goes equally for Cambodians as foreigners,” she said.

Students from each of the faculties – Fine Arts, Choreography, Music, Archeology, and Architecture and Urban Planning – were all represented.

A Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts statement said the chance to see the work of all five faculties was a fantastic opportunity for the general population to gain a deeper understanding of the rich cultural heritage which all Cambodians share.

The ministry added that it was impressed by the solidarity of the students, who all stood together to showcase the best of Cambodian culture ahead of Khmer New Year.

“The promotion of Cambodian culture also serves to promote the upcoming 32nd SEA Games, which will be held in The Kingdom for the first time. The connection of the Cambodian people and the participation of youth are extreme important to maintain unity in national society,” it concluded.