With the parliamentary election just three months away, interior minister and Permanent Security Command for the Elections (“PSCE”) head Sar Kheng on April 6 appealed to the political parties as well as the public to do their part in maintaining security and public order so that the electoral process can run smoothly without violence.

Sar Kheng made the appeal while presiding over an event in the capital concerning security arrangements for the July parliamentary election, the Ministry of Interior noted in a statement.

“I appeal to all political parties, populations, civil society organisations, and national and international observers to participate in maintaining security and public order … so that the 2023 electoral process for the seventh legislature will run smoothly, without violence or threats, in a free, fair and transparent manner,” he was quoted as saying.

He also advised PSCE members in the capital and provinces to find ways to improve communication among themselves to get a better grasp of the overall situation and make more informed decisions on how to effectively deal with any issues in their jurisdictions.

Long-running contentions without adequate resolutions can provoke social unrest and be used as political tools to gain an advantage on one side, he noted.