Minister of Interior Sar Kheng is leading the charge for higher standards among Cambodia’s police force. Speaking to this year’s crop of 569 police science graduates, he stressed the importance of applying their knowledge with efficiency and integrity.

At the August 14 ceremony at the Police Academy of Cambodia (PAC), Sar Kheng celebrated the potential of these new recruits.

“These students are new human resources within the National Police. They are qualified and have the potential to succeed in national security work, maintaining public order and protecting social safety. They also contribute to maintaining peace, political stability, national sovereignty and territorial integrity now and in the future,” he was quoted as saying in a ministry social media post.

In his remarks, Sar Kheng emphasised the continued efforts to reform the National Police force and align the training with the ministry’s goals. Achieving this, he noted, is a testament to the successful reform policy of the police forces.

Sar Kheng went on to commend the PAC’s ongoing commitment to training and development. He urged them to persist in quality training, strategic planning and to strive for greater success.

“We are more capable, able and self-reliable in training our police officials,” he said.

PAC director Seng Phally highlighted the bright prospects of the new graduates, describing them as fresh additions to the National Police. He said they are “qualified and posses the potential to fulfil tasks and responsibilities for security work, public order, social safety and better public service delivery”.

The ministry acknowledged the PAC’s achievements and their dedication to guiding the police towards respecting ethical and professional codes, laws, human rights and tactical skills.